Season’s Greetings Family of Rotary,
December is Rotary’s Disease Treatment and Prevention month. A poignant reminder of how a single disease -Covid 19- was recently able to greatly affect communities around the world, and the steady restoration of hope when action to combat it was taken.  Disease results in misery, pain, and poverty for millions of people worldwide. That’s why treating and preventing disease is so important to us as Rotarians and is one of our 7 focus areas.
As part of our health pillar, our District had begun work to see over 250 children from the region benefit from essential heart surgeries done by doctors from India.  Additionally, we are working on establishing 10 eye hospitals in collaboration with the government to cater for cataract operations for those affected.  Last month, we were able to conduct a countrywide blood donation drive as part of our goal to set up blood banks in areas that are currently underserved.
Our members combat diseases like Malaria, Cancer and Polio through various initiatives.  This weekend, we launch the District Cancer Bikeathon, an initiative to create awareness and raise funds towards fighting Cancer. You can plan to attend this launch at Karura Forest this 4 December 2021. We will also be launching the District’s Rotarians Doing Business Together Initiative on the same day and encourage members to come and form professional networks with each other.
As we go into the festive season and celebrate with our friends and family, let us remember to prioritize our Mental Health and that of those around us. The holidays bring with them a phase of high emotion and demands, which can leave a lot of people feeling stressed and exhausted leading to depression. Check up on your club members this season and ensure that they receive care when they need it. Prevention of disease is important, which is why we also focus on health education and bringing people routine checkups through our clubs.
The year is drawing to a close and we are now entering the holy season; a period where we remember what we are grateful for and continue to give of ourselves more than ever by being generous and serving the less fortunate around us by sharing what we have.   
As we get ready for the holidays, it is also a wonderful time to take stock and be grateful for the blessings and achievements of the year past.  This Rotary year one of our key goals has been to GROW MORE so that we can DO MORE.  Since the beginning of the Rotary year, we have grown by 274 members to 3730 members in our district.  We welcomed the charter of the Rotary Club of Kericho and several Interact Clubs, which is a testament to your commitment to growing our Rotary family. The more we are, the more we are able to do. 
I have just concluded my official club visits where I have been able to witness firsthand the strength of these numbers.  It has been indeed been an honour to interact with People Of Action from Rotary Clubs across our District and witness this impact of our service to underserved communities.  I look forward to continuing to visit your clubs to see the progress of these community projects.
We are also coming off the end of the Foundation month that culminated in a dinner to recognize Rotarians and clubs that have given to the Rotary Foundation this Rotary year.  I commend each of the about 150 first-time Paul Harris Fellows who took up my matching offer, the PHF Society and major donors as well as the 54 clubs that have selflessly given a total of $140,085 to the Foundation this year.  I urge each and every one of us to never tire of being philanthropic and commit to consistently giving to TRF with a goal to Change Lives.
As part of our digital transformation pledge, we have made great strides by recently launching the District Club Runner, a single centralized hub of information for all clubs.  The Club Runner will improve the flow of communication between clubs, the district, the zone and RI and will allow the District to digitize engagement with Rotarians and Rotaractors both on Web and a Mobile application.   
Additionally, to ensure that members have easy access to Rotary information for their clubs, we have put together a District 9212 Handbook.  The handbook will be released this month on the Club Runner site.  Let us continue to tell our One Love stories on the District Timeline and all our media as a way of showing our impact and serving as an inspiration to others.
In the spirit of gratitude, let us also remember to show those who work with us in our journey to transform lives that they are appreciated.  In the course of implementing our District and club service projects this year, we have been fortunate to work with sponsors and volunteers in varying degrees.  In order to encourage them to continue collaborating with us in the future:
1. Remember to thank them: Share a token of appreciation if possible; acknowledge their contribution on your media.
2. Report: Keep them updated on your progress by sending them slides, pictorials, and videos of project updates.
3. Reach Out: Invite them to launches and related events.
Let’s remember to count our blessings, show our gratitude and share our bounty this season.
I wish you my fellow Rotarians and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
One Love
District Governor 2021/22
Alex Nyaga
District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair: PDG Peter Mbui +254733646929
District Projects Chair: Janet Macharia +254 728 600106
District Programmes Chair: Janet Mathenge: +254 727 046930
Children Heart Transplant Chair- Ethiopia: Esayas Yeyesuswork +251 911 502 091
District Polio Plus Chair: David Githanga +254 711 524359
Health Initiative Chair – Kenya: Dr. Josephine Ojiambo +254 799744560
Health Initiative Chair – Ethiopia: Achamyeleh Fantaye +251 911 236890
Health Initiative(Maternal &Child Health)South Sudan: John Charles +211 924256666
Health Initiative(Disease Prevention&Treatment) S. Sudan:Simon Agostino+211 916 791646
District Cancer Bikeathon: Wambui Karanja: +254 721 824 891
Cancer Awareness: Anne Vanlauw +254 733 813895
Sunshine Rally: Saum Siraj +254 712 179851
Covid Response Chair- Kenya: Sharon Wanyeki +254 733 246390
Covid Response Chair- Ethiopia: Mengistu Asnake +251 911 22 7430
Club Runner: District Innovation Officer Sam Mwangi +254 722 286505
Timeline Stories: District Communication Officer Caroline Njiru +254 722650978