On Saturday 27th August, members of the Rotary Club of Karen and Rotaract Club of Karen braved the morning chill; and showers. Members showed up Cladded in their Rotary attire, accompanied by spouses, children, and friends. They all arrived FIRED UP and READY TO GO!!!!
Our youngest hikers were under 3 years old, and they were determined to complete the hike ahead of all the adults! We completed our hike at Camp B, which we had reserved for our picnic. The day ended at 4 pm when we cleared the picnic site, put out the fire, and ensured there was no litter left behind. This was a great opportunity for members to exercise their muscles while appreciating nature, and get a breath of fresh air at Oloolua Nature Trail. 
It was also a fantastic time to bond, and get to know each other, as our first social of the new year. The other main impact was to help the Rotaractors raise funds for their club, as they were there to welcome us with warm samosas, sausages, hotdogs, and delicious sandwiches, which they sold to the hungry hikers! Picnic blankets and camping chairs came in handy as the group sat to enjoy the snacks. This project was done in partnership with the National Museums of Kenya. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=rotary%20club%20of%20karen, rotaryclubofkaren.org, and https://youtu.be/n3Iv7iOB7Ag