Posted by RC Nkubu
By Emily Murungi 
Project profile: Peace Building and Conflict Prevention, Disease Prevention and Treatment
Meet Christine Karambu, a 48-year-old woman who has been living in the streets of Nkubu town, Meru County for over seven years. She has been cooking, sleeping, and earning her livelihood from the streets, basically from seeking arms. Karambu was rescued by the Rotary Club (RC) of Nkubu, through the club’s Immediate past president Fr. Francis Gaciata supported by the current President Rtn. Jennifer Kathure in partnership with other Rotarians. A day after her rescue from the streets, she was placed in Shalom's home for a few days where she freshened up, slept well, and enjoyed a good meal.
The RC Nkubu members met with the Meru County government officials and deliberated on having the street families, beggars, and children removed from the towns to decrease the crime rates. In partnership with the Meru County government, Karambu was admitted to Meru level 6 hospital where she has been receiving medication. The RC Nkubu made daily follow-ups with the hospital.  The Rotarians planned for her rehabilitation immediately after she was discharged where they picked her up from the hospital and placed her in her rehab Centre. Sustainable plans are underway to have her reintegrated with relatives and support her with a source of livelihood. The major impact of this particular project is to give a dignified life to a street beggar by showing her love and care. This has gone a long way in sending a message to the community about the selfless services offered by Rotarians.
During the rescue day, the RC Nkubu Rotarians and the County government of Meru officials, created sensitization /awareness about mental health around the town informing the society to be alert to the symptoms or onset of mental illness and seek medical support; as well as the importance of having Nkubu as a 'street beggars free town' which will reduce and eradicate the crime rates.  The Rotarians in partnership with the county government administrators planned monthly breakfast meetings to discuss the progress of eradicating street families and the best practices to learn from. The sensitization crusades have increased the awareness about the Rotary Club of Nkubu in the town which has resulted in receiving rotary friends from whom some have joined the club as members. Another project impact is the strengthening linkage and improved partnership with the Meru County government where the Club is working towards having a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the County Government of Meru. This project is funded with 3000 USD and done in partnership with Rotary Club of Nkubu, Harmony Therapy Centre, Shalom children's home, and the County government of Meru.