Posted by RC Karengata
New Classroom For Dilapidated School in Keringet
Kiptulwo Primary School is situated in Bararget location, Keringet division, Kuresoi South constituency in Nakuru county. It is about 50 kilometers Northwest of Nakuru town and 5 Kilometres from Keringet. Accessibility to the school is via an all-weather murram road from the main tarmac Molo Keringet Road.
The school serves a total of 5 villages and is solely sponsored by the District Education Board. It was established in January 2000, with 19 pupils. This has increased significantly over the years to 613 as of last year.
How we found it
The school is made of one long structure of rusty corrugated iron sheets over the roofs and walls built with timber off cuts that are poorly joined and adversely worn down. This dilapidation has left gaping holes on the walls at the exterior and on the inner walls separating the classrooms. The floors are not cemented, they’re rendered in earth works. There are also neither windows nor doors, to the classrooms. In each class there are old desks that are also too few to serve the population of one class which on average has 50 students.
The desks are joined together with wood to leave a small flat surface to place a book. Incredibly, the 613 students share one pit latrine while the other is reserved for the teachers. The only permanent building on the school compound is a two roomed structure which houses the head teacher’s office and another room which is the staff room.
In addition to the dilapidated structures, the ongoing pandemic continues to aggravate the situation. The students are currently at home because the schools are not equipped to manage the required Ministry of Health (MoH) restrictions.
How we started
The plans to renovate and improve the standards for this school began in February 2020 with a golf fundraiser at Karen Golf Club.
At Project inception, RC Nairobi Karengata set out to build:
  • 3 x classrooms to enhance learning capacity
  • 200 x school desks for comfort of pupils
  • 1 x ablution block (4 doors)
Where we are now
  • 1 Classroom Completed and Handed over– ( now Seeking funds to continue with the other two classrooms)
  • Construction of the ablution block  -(Seeking funds to begin)
  • Delivery of 200 Desks –to be done once construction of classrooms is complete
What we would like to achieve:
1. Make return to school possible once the government restrictions are lifted.
2. Motivation to stay in school, hence improved overall performance.
3. Quality health for the young bodies and minds; reduced jigger infestations and health complications from chilly weather