Beds for a Girls Dormitory at Malungoni Primary School

Name of the project: Beds for a Girls Dormitory at Malungoni Primary School

Description of the project: The school is located in a semi-arid part of Kinango Sub County, Kwale County.
Rotary has assisted the school acquire some decent classrooms, toilets and desks. It can be stated that the involvement of Rotary has not only improved the infrastructure in the school, but has remarkably enhanced academic performance among the pupils in an area which is associated with poverty and limited economic activity. The school has held position 16 in the ranking of the county. In collaboration with a Rotary Club in German, Rotarians in Kwale are currently putting up a dormitory for girls in the school some of whom walk up to 14 km to
and from school daily. The dormitory is nearly complete. It is expected the dormitory will further improve the girls’ academic performance to a higher level. After finishing the building the school will need 45 double decker beds.

Region implemented: Kwale County, Kinango Sub-County

Number of people affected / impact: 90 per year

Total cost of the project: Kshs. 450,000 for 45 beds

Resources required: Kshs.400,000