Posted by DG Alex Nyaga
My family of Rotary,
It is now about two years since the declaration of the first cases of Covid-19 infections in our respective countries. The pandemic came with a myriad of challenges not limited to social and economic. As Rotarians, we could not congregate and fellowship as we were used to, we could not visit our projects and communities, and the earning capacity for many of us became constrained.
But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. For the first time, the District came together in a unified campaign to respond to the humanitarian challenge. We procured and distributed hand-washing stations to the most vulnerable in our communities, established and strengthened connections with partners, and supported the healthcare system through intervention for frontline workers.
Through perhaps what is the strongest indication of our collective resilience and determination; we saw clubs quickly adjust their fellowships, and leverage on technology to have impactful trainings, visit clubs in other Districts, make new friends and partners, and even hold virtual parties! It became apparent how much we valued connecting with each other, particularly during the vulnerable period.
With reduced positivity rate and successful vaccination drives, governments are now setting aside the mask mandates and other containment measures. This paves way for us to resume physical interactions and congregations, as we did before even as we sustain virtual - hybrid meetings. Together with my board, we could not be more elated to be able to hold the first in-person District Conference after two years.
We know you have missed such grand events, and we are committed to make the conference worth the billing for Rotarians, Rotaractors, together with their families and friends. I encourage you to sign up and look out for communications to help you prepare for the conference in Diani in May. In June, we are also excited to be travelling for the Rotary International Convention, Houston, Texas. I hope to see you there.
At the club level, I encourage boards to increase the number of physical fellowships and interactions, reconnect with your respective communities by attending projects, and continue having social events that remind us about the joy of fellowship and friendship in Rotary.
In all, I beg you not to forget all the lessons we have learnt over the two years. Covid-19 is still here with us and therefore we should exercise as much caution as we should.
Alex Nyaga
District Governor