Posted by Oscar Lumire
The School feeding Program and Donation of Exam accessories aims at supporting Candidates from Rural and Slum areas within Kericho Town to prepare well for National examinations by providing Lunch and Examination Accessories during the Exam period. This in turn lifts the burden from parents and guardians and ensures the candidates sit for exams stress-free. The Program reached 700 pupils in five different schools where Examination Accessories remain part of the school for the upcoming candidates.
The schools include Highlands Pri, St. Patrick Pri., and Chelimo Pri. Township Pri. Motobo Pri and Kericho Boys Boarding Primary. The project budget was 180,000 Kenya Shillings or 1,451 USD done in partnership with Rotarians from Rotary Club of Kericho, Supertrix Events, Duka Moja Hardware, Mave Sounds, Rabalex Caterers, Amani Homes, Posh Inn, Jesus Centre Ministry, Frontier Pioneer Schools. For more information please visit