Posted by RC Utumishi
The Rotary Club of Nairobi Utumishi in collaboration with Rotary Clubs in D5110 and D5160 in Oregon USA have an ongoing LN-4 prosthetic hand project that is changing the lives of the beneficiaries.
After industrial designer Ernie Meadows and his wife Marj lost their 18-year-old daughter Ellen in an automobile accident, Ernie set out to create a legacy to her memory.  Over time he developed an affordable prosthetic hand to help those who had lost a hand and could not afford other alternatives. 
Most who benefit from the LN-4 hand have been injured by landmines, accidents, acts of violence, or birth defects.  In 2006 Ernie gave the prosthetic hand to Rotarian's, asking only that no one profit from its production or distribution and that no recipient ever be charged for its use.
The hand is designed and produced by The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation (EMPHF) Michael Mendonca, President.
There are some conditions that must be fulfilled before an amputee can receive a prosthetic hand.
The most important condition is that the amputation should be below the elbow. Secondly, there should be at least five to six inches of the arm below the elbow for the prosthetic hand to be fixed so that it can be used satisfactorily. 
If any Rotarian meets a person who requires a prosthetic hand, he should forward the details to either of the under-mentioned Rotarians of Nairobi Utumishi Rotary Club.
  1. President Rotarian George Oyeyo 
                          Mob 0710 855 115 [ ] 
  1. IPP Rotarian Dr. Mussadiq Mir is currently managing the project. 
 Mob. 0700-001920, [
  1. PP Rotarian Sumant Desai,
             Mob 0737-767539, []
  1. PP. Rotarian David Muiru, Director Projects,
                     Mob 0727 532 909  [][]