Posted by District Newsletter Officer on Jan 31, 2022
Friends and family of Rotary,
Happy New Month and welcome to the month of Love!
One love being the District theme this year has never proved to be more relevant than now. These past two years courtesy of the advent of Covid-19, we have been taken through a whirlwind of nearly impossible to fathom experiences but through our resilience and zeal for life we have kept going.
For this particular reason, we would like to interrupt normal broadcasting to bring to you the One Love Series. Now that we are past half the Rotary year, it would be important to reminisce the good times that there were as we plan and build up to a much-fortified future.
What does the One Love Series entail ?
Remember your first Rotary meeting? Your induction, perharps? Or the first time you felt you belonged and decided that you are sticking around for a while? Or that project you handed over and you were completely overwhelmed with a sense of fulfillment? Or it could be that moment when a report was being read out and it dawned you the impact you had created in other peoples’ lives?
We seek that and much more, I am sure each one of us one way or another may have such a story that comes to mind . To this end, we officially launch this story series on Thursday and dub it #OneLoveThursday. As the name rightly suggests, we shall be having a story or two every Thursday on our Social Media Platforms that breaks down the true meaning of One Love.
For our first story we feature Rotarian Eric Odaba from the Rotary Club of Nyeri. I would like you to pause and contemplate on my next statement or more like rhetorical question. Imagine being admitted to hospital on the same day as your induction to your Rotary Club?
For most of us, we would definitely retreat, procrastinate and take time to heal but for this Rotarian through his perseverance and resilience stood the test of time and managed to be inducted while still in his hospital bed.
Look out for his story on the District Social Media Platforms on Thursday. #OneLoveThursday
If you would like to be part of this story series or know someone who has an impactful story to share, please feel free to reach out to the team at
Yours in Rotary Service,
Karen Rono.
Rotary District Newsletter Officer.