Posted by Nyokabi Kimari
Situated in a leafy suburb on the northeastern fringes of Nairobi City,  Mji wa Huruma  (City of Compassion) is an old people‚Äôs home that specifically caters to the underprivileged elderly and is run by the County Government of Nairobi. Over the years, some of its needs have been overlooked as the city continues to expand and the government stretches resources to meet the needs of its citizens.
Providing medical aids, blankets and foodstuff are what we aim to do, to ensure that the beloved elderly at the home are comfortable and taken care of. Rotary Club of Nairobi NABO provided 12 walkers and 10 wheelchairs, blankets, foodstuff, and toiletries, giving much relief to the residents who were in dire need of medical aids, and to the caregivers that take care of them and stretch resources while doing so.  Mji wa Huruma is our first project, (it was our charter project), and one we will be synonymous with. The project was funded with 1300 USD from the club.