Posted by Judith Thuo
The Kambirwa hunger relief project for needy elderly aims at identifying the neediest cases among the elderly people living around the Kambirwa area of Kiharu Constituency and providing them with nutritious food rations as a way of promoting their health. The project covered around 100 beneficiaries from Kambirwa who received assorted foodstuff including maize flour, beans, corned beef, and porridge flour.
Reduced rainfall in recent seasons has compromised the region's food security and nutrition, with the elderly being the most hit. Many of them depend on neighbors, wellwishers, and sporadic relief aid from the government. At times there is no help forthcoming which forces them to skip meals. Subsequently, with nothing in the stomach, those who have ailments are unable to adhere to medication which worsens their ailments. The project was funded with 1,000 USD both donated by Ahadi Kenya Trust and Rotary Club of Murang'a members. Kumbuka Wazee Initiative mobilized the beneficiaries with the help of local Community Health Volunteers. For more information about the club please visit