Posted by DG Alex Nyaga on Jan 01, 2022
Happy New Year Family of Rotary!
The new year 2022 is upon us and with it the opportunity for a new beginning in every aspect of our lives.  As you all know, the sum total of our lives is determined by the decisions we make in any given situation; and these decisions are ultimately determined by what VALUES we hold dear.
What do you value most, and is it reflected in your actions? Money? happiness? family?
Have a look at the 10 most important human values as ranked by Fearless Soul:
  1. Health And Energy- Taking care of your physical and mental health.
  2. Love- Actively showing love for yourself and those that you care for
  3. Gratitude and Appreciation- Count your blessings!
  4. Kindness and Compassion- less judgment, more respect and empathy for others- be kind to others for no reason other than it is right
  5. Integrity- Do the right thing even when no one is watching
  6. Giving- Give yourself fully to serve selflessly
  7. Growth- Become the greatest version of yourself!
  8. Peace- State of calmness and tranquility
  9. Family, Friendship, Connection- Giving time to build a connection with those around you-Rotary is a great place for this!
  10. Happiness- Enjoy the journey of life, find joy in the little things.
Be purposeful this year in ensuring that your decisions are driven by what you value most.  Open your heart and let your values be the driving force in your family, work and service to humankind as a Rotarian.
In line with this, we celebrate Vocational Service in Rotary during this month of January. The concept of vocational service is entrenched in the Object Of Rotary - specifically the Second Object-  that calls on Rotarians to “encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions, to recognize the worthiness of all useful occupations, to dignify the Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society.” 
It is our shared responsibility as Rotarians to use our occupations to serve community.  According to Paul Harris, Rotary’s founder, "Each Rotarian is a connecting link between the idealism of Rotary and their trade or profession".
This month let us ensure that our clubs implement and encourage the development of projects that have club members at the forefront in utilizing their vocational talents towards community service. 
Vocational Service Month is an opportunity for Rotarians to conduct themselves and their businesses in accordance with Rotary principles, and support the Vocational Service projects that their club has developed.
As we get back to work on our projects after the just concluded festive season, we want to make it easier to access information necessary for running your clubs.  To this end, the District handbook will be launched at the President’s meeting happening this month for cascading to all members.
In conclusion, I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to our district conference happening between 12th to 15th May 2022, at the Neptune Resort in Diani, Kenya. 
It will be a chance to celebrate the love and great memories of the Rotary year 2021/2022 as we engage with change leaders from various parts of our society, showcase the impact of our projects in our communities, resolve some of the challenges we still face as a family, spend time with old friends and make new ones as we enjoy the hospitality that Diani offers.  If you haven’t already registered, kindly do so here:
This year, be resolute in letting your values guide your decisions as you continue to use your vocations to Serve and Change Lives.
One Love,
Alex Nyaga,
District Governor 2021/22