Posted by Rosemary Ciira
Francis Karanja Kamau, 73 years from Gathanji in Gatundu North suffered a spinal cord injury necessitating surgery. Post-surgery complications left him with weakened limbs making walking a challenge. Mr. Karanja struggled to navigate using walking sticks which was a tall order for him, considering he comes from a hilly area in Gatundu.
The strain led to heart complications and the doctor recommended the use of a wheelchair to reduce the strain on his heart. The family has reached out to The Rotary Club of Thika and received a wheelchair which was donated in partnership with Bethany Kids, a compassionate Christian mission dealing with disabilities. The family was elated with this donation and grateful for easing Mr. Karanja’s journey. Indeed, being abled differently should not limit anyone's access to every aspect of life. Hellinah Nyaguthii, a 94 years old grandmother from Nyeri county, on the other hand, has been suffering from arthritis for a long time. Mobility has become a challenge, as she advances in age leading to a need for a wheelchair to ease movement. She couldn’t hide her joy when she received a wheelchair donated by The Rotary Club of Thika in partnership with Bethany Kids as seen in her attached photo.
The donations have made mobility easier for the beneficiaries giving them new hope as they navigate their day-to-day life.