Posted by District Communication Officer
By Caroline Njiru
The District recently concluded the District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) and Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) held across Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.  The trainings saw incoming club presidents and district officials receive critical information that will enable them to navigate the organizational structure’s future transformation for effective management of clubs across the district.
i. President Elects pose with District Leaders at PETS training in Nairobi
ii. Participants at Training in Juba, South Sudan
iii. DG Alex Nyaga opens the training session                                                              
iv. (L to R) RI Trustee Manek, DG Nyaga, DGE Asrat and Spouse, DGN Ithau, PDG Mugo, PDG Mugisha
The trainings, which were conducted by past District Governors and District officials, covered topics ranging from caring leadership, team building, membership development, the art of fundraising, public image as well as diversity equity, and inclusion principles.
Training in session  
             IPDG Patrick Obath Conducts a Training Session in Ethiopia
The ball was set rolling with the inaugural DTTS held successfully on the 12th of March in Kenya at the Tamarind Hotel in Nairobi and PETS training on 19th March 2022 at the same venue.  The event, which was launched by District Governor (DG) Alex Nyaga, saw District Governor Elect (DGE) Azeb Asrat launch her district theme “Let's March Together”. 
DGE Azeb Asrat unveils the 2022/23 District 9212 Theme
The theme, which features the purple and green colours represented in the RI - Imagine Rotary theme of the upcoming year, has been designed by highly acclaimed Ethiopian artist Lulaeged Retta Haile. The theme features a purple tibeb, which is central to the Ethiopian cultural design and symbolizes wisdom. It also encompasses the silhouette of four- representing the District 9212 countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Eritrea- together pushing the Rotary causes forward.
i. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Membership Development and New Generation Panel                        
ii. Panel on President's preparedness, qualification, fundraising, programs and partnerships
iii. Panel on Public Image and Communication                                              
iv.  Breakout session with DGE Azeb Asrat, County Chair Kuria Waithaka and District officials
DGE Asrat also shared her strategic plan for the upcoming year that will seek to strengthen the organizational effectiveness of the district through improving systems management, membership engagement and project management.
The District theme as well as the 2022/23 RI theme “Imagine Rotary” were similarly unveiled during a combined DTTS and PETS training held with officials in South Sudan (SS) at the Apex Camp in Juba on March 26th 2022. DGE Asrat who hosted the event pledged to continue to live up to the promise to grow Rotary in SS and support the communities with enormous needs.
Training in Juba, South Sudan
The final portion of the 2022/23 DTTS and PETS training took place in the DGE’s home nation of Ethiopia on April 2, 2022 at Golden Tulip Hotel, Addis Ababa. The training featured a variety of views, opinions, and panel discussions that resulted in engaging, constructive and open exchanges throughout the day.
Training in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The seminars across the 3 countries covered a wide range of themes, including membership retention and growth, the presidents' readiness and credentials, leadership and community service, yearly objectives for the 2022/23 Rotary year, and much more, through panel discussions and other engaging activities. The trainings were concluded with the presentation of  Lulaeged Retta paintings to senior district leaders and themed pins, scarves and ties for the incoming officials.
A message from our District Governor Elect Azeb Asrat:
DGE Azeb Asrat and Spouse
"Rotary builds leadership capacity and contributes to enhancing ones' career path: As we approach the end of this Rotary year and charge ourselves to begin the 2022-23 "Imagine Rotary" journey 01 July 2022, we are focused on leadership capacity building specifics to ensure relevant trainings are conducted to District appointed officials, Assistant Governors and Club Presidents, with their Board Members. 
The Rotary International standard trainings: District Team Training Seminars(DTTS) and Presidents-Elect Training Seminars (PETS) have been conducted in Nairobi, Kenya; Juba, South Sudan and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia covering an estimated 130 plus clubs. Following the calm with COVID, it allowed us to hold these trainings physically after a two-year stall that prevented us to meet face to face.
The presence of 10 senior Past District Governors Eric Kimani, Harry Mugo, Geeta Manek, Bimal Kantaria, Teshome  Kebede, Richard Omwella, Jeff Bamford, Joe Otin, Patrick Obath, and our very own PDG Kenneth Mugisha from neighboring Uganda District 9214, who is also the incoming Regional Coordinator for Zone 22, as well as the seating District Governor Alex Nyaga and the District Governor Nominee Leonard Ithau made the seminars more committing as they shared their knowledge and pertinent suggestions for growing Rotary and taking our District 9212 to the next level. 
In Rotary, mentoring and passing knowledge to the new generation is our key focus. Rotary opens opportunities and helps #servetochangelives. Make Rotary your legacy project to leave behind something worthwhile. As we #Imaginerotary #Letsmarchtogether"