Posted by Eric Maina
The project aims to create community health, and economic empowerment clubs (CHECs) in Western Kenya beginning in Kisii. The project consists of training selected villagers on public health issues and further training on empowerment and creating economic opportunities.
This is done through 24 public health-related classes. We, as the Rotary Club of Kisii-Central, completed phase 1 of the project which was site visitation. This site visitation was done in all 6 villages; 4 villages in Kisii County and 2 villages in Homabay County. The site visitation took place in 3 days. The names of the 6 villages are Nyasumi Village in Kisii County, Nyanturago Village in Kisii County, Nyamacheo Village in Kisii County, Nyamagesa Village in Kisii County, Kanyipir Village in Homabay, and Kamafue Anyuang' in Kisii County. The site visitation made an impact on 294 villagers out of the targeted 628 villagers. The project is funded with 1991 USD in partnership with Global Health Connections. For more information please visit / /