Posted by RC Nkubu
By; Emily Kanana Murungi
Project profile: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Disease Prevention and Treatment, International Fellowship/Exchange
The main aim of this project was to provide accessible health care, improve health, clean water, and food security, reduce neonatal and maternal mortality and improve vaccination of children in the community of Ntalabany, ( a Maasai community).
The Facility is located in a nomadic community of pastoralists who used to walk a long distance to get health services. The Community,  supported by Ingwesi eco-lodge built up the clinic and Rotary club of Nkubu in partnership with North Branford Rotary Club-District 7980, the County government of Laikipia, Ingwesi Eco-Lodge, and equipped the health facility with a global grant of 65000 USD. The RC Nkubu facilitated equipping of the clinic, putting up of the fence, greenhouse, solar system, and installation of the water system in the facility. The project intended to reach a target of 1500 household community members with health services which included maternity services, food security through the greenhouse, and water, and sanitation. Also intended to reduce the maternal mortality rate caused by home deliveries and long distances covered to a health facility. Installation of solar power and water system, aimed at improving hygiene practices. For sustainability, the project collaborated with the County Government of Laikipia which supplies the facility with drugs and pays two staff.
The Health facility has so far reached over 10000 people, adults and children together, with various health services including maternity services, child growth, monitoring assessment, treatment of mild illnesses as well as doing referrals where needed.  Through the installation of the greenhouse, there is increased food security in the area despite the challenges of the community's nomadic lifestyle. The predator solar-powered perimeter fence has not only helped the facility in curbing the insecurity issues but also has helped a lot in preventing the livestock from destroying the crops in the open field greenhouse garden. The installation of solar power has contributed highly to providing sustainable clean energy in lighting the health facility as well as helping in the preservation of drugs through refrigeration. The water installation system and storage put in place which runs by gravity have improved the hygiene practices as well as provided safe drinking water. Through the support of the Rotary Club of North Branford, the staff residential houses were constructed within the health facility compound and this has made it very convenient and comfortable for the staff, who can offer services at night in case of emergencies.