Posted by President Rani Ramchandani
The assistive mobility devices project aims to enhance the lives of people who are abled differently by preventing further complications and making them mobile. Most of these people live in rural areas and are not able to afford the cost of the devices, this intern affects their lifestyle by not being able to do their activities of daily living.
Their parents and guardians go through stigma and being secluded by neighbors for having a disabled person in their family.  As a club, our objective is to raise awareness both in rural and urban areas to ensure that all the myths and misconceptions about disability are done away with and make these families feel a part of society and live sustainable lives the project was funded by 3000 from the club and well-wishers.
The program also aims to connect these families to social services and health services, which initially they were unable to do due to high cost and immobility. With mobile devices for the people who are abled differently, we are trying to give them hope and happiness. The fact that they can move independently or with little help and the kids can go back to school and access public services is their right. For special kids, we have been able to make their life a bit easier with those special wheelchairs so that even their single mums can work as well. Through public awareness in different communities, the families living with persons with disabilities have been able to be embraced by society because they have already learned how disabilities come about. For more information about the club, you may visit