Rotary Youth Exchange Program


What is Rotary Youth Exchange?

Your chance to travel the world, experience a new way of life, learn a new language, make new friends, live in another culture...
•Spend a school year abroad, living with host families, going to school.
•Immerse yourself for four to six weeks on the family-to-family exchange.

Why should I go?

Ask any returned exchange student- here's what they say:

•I learned so much about myself and the world
•My year abroad has changed me profoundly as a person
•I made lifetime memories and friendships
•My year abroad was extremely challenging at times
•My exchange opened a huge door that has led me to who I am by strengthening my curiosity, growing my understanding and compassion, and challenging my abilities to be better.

Where can I go?

Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa... near and far.

•For the school year program, students are assigned countries based on interests, aptitudes and host country requirements.


Develop leadership skills

Throughout the program, you will get the opportunity to take initiative and improve your leadership skills.

Learn a new language and culture

This program offers you an opportunity to meet and interact with students from other countries. You will get to learn their language and culture as you engage.

Become a global citizen

Build out your global presence through the international partnerships and networks that the program affords you.
How much does it cost?

The program is completely administered by Rotary club members, keeping program expenses low. Costs vary depending on the country where the exchange occurs. Typically, students and their parents/guardians are expected to cover the following expenses:
•Dental and Medical Exam
•Round trip airfare
•Travel insurance
•All travel documents such as passports and visas
Rotary provides pre-departure orientation sessions at no cost to students, occurring between March and late May/June before the student’s departure.
While abroad, food, housing and tuition are provided at no cost by the host families and hosting Rotary clubs. Students receive a stipend for spending money from the host Rotary Club. Costs of clothing, personal supplies and optional tours are not covered by Rotary.
Will I get credit for school?

It depends on you! Talk to your school counselor as soon as you know where you are going. You may need to take extra classes before you leave, or when you return. You will need to provide documentation of classes to get any credit.

Who can apply?

For the school year program, any high school freshman or sophomore who will be between the age of 15 and 17.5 next July can apply.
For the summer program, any high school student can apply, ages 15 to 18.
Long-Term Exchange Applications are due on September 30th, 2023 for
the exchange year departing in January 2024.
Long-Term Exchange Applications are due on December 31st, 2023 for the exchange year departing in August 2024.
My parents are worried about my safety.

So are we! We choose our exchange partners as carefully as possible, using the Rotary network of youth exchange programs. Rotary International sets standards all exchange programs must meet, and our exchange district also checks references before establishing relationships with specific exchange partners.

Exchange Program Testimonials

Varda Shah, former Youth Exchange student from India

“Before, I would never be able to make a conversation with a person I didn’t know. Now, I can proudly say it isn’t like that anymore. I can go up to people. I have become more open, more mature.”

Yoko Sekimoto, the first Youth Exchange student from Japan

“To meet up with my classmates and host families after 50 years has been simply amazing. Through Rotary Youth Exchange I had such a precious chance and a fabulous experience. Thank you.”

Interested in the Program?

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