As a district leader you help clubs connect with each other, provide resources, train club leaders, qualify for Rotary grants, and conduct Rotary Youth Leadership Awards events and Youth Exchanges.

Successful district committees rely on dedicated members with club leadership experience. By appointing you to a committee, your district governor has recognized that your skills, experience, and enthusiasm will help drive initiatives and support club and district activities and functions.

All committees collaborate with governors before and during their terms to establish district goals and check on their progress towards achieving them.

Learn more about leading a committee by taking courses for district committees in the Learning Center.

DGE Leonard Ithau is inviting you to serve the District 9212 in 2023/24. All Rotarians and Rotaractors who are club members in good standing within District 9212, Rotary International, who feel they have the requisite energy and skill to drive our District and the Object of Rotary. All roles are for a period of 12 months from 1st July 2023, are entirely voluntary and do not attract any allowances or remuniration. However, every successful applicant will be required to deliver specific goals as part of the overall District Strategic Plan delivery for the year.

Apply for the following roles to serve the District in 2023:

  • Assistant Governor
  • District Committee Member - Strategy
  • District Committee Member - Governance & Ethics
  • District Committee Member -  District Conference & Assembly
  • District Committee Member - Membership
  • District Committee Member - Public Image
  • District Committee Member - Technology & Innovation
  • District Committee Member - Training
  • District Committee Member - International Service
  • District Committee Member - Community Service Projects
  • District Committee Member - Programmes of Scale
  • District Committee Member - New Generations
  • District Committee Member -  Foundation
  • Country Chair
  • Regional Coordinator
Eligibility criteria:
  • Open to all Rotarians and Rotaractors of District 9212 who are passionate about Rotary and its ideals of service and are in good standing with their clubs.
  • Roles are voluntary and do not attract any remuneration or emoluments.
  • Successful applicants are expected to work towards given goals and achievements.
The application deadline is 31st December, 2022.
For further clarifications or questions, please send an email to