Tree Planting: Rotary Club of Kiserian


The rotary club of Kiserian, noticed with concern the deforestation status of Ngong hills which is threatening to the people as well as the animals. In. May 2016, the club took the initiative to plant 1,000 seedlings on a twenty five acre piece of land allocated to the club for tree planting by the  Kenya Forest Services. A total of US $4,000 was spent in fencing, planting and watering the trees planted.

In 2017 the club was joined by the county office in planting 2,000 seedlings more. This project is a ten year project ( May 2016  – 2027 April.) and we aim at planting 2,000 seedlings annually. The community and schools around the area will participate into tree planting with our club. This project requires each rotary club members involvement by buying tree seedlings, fencing and planting. Without the fence the trees planted will be eaten by the animals and without watering the trees will not survive. This project will:

  • Provide inputs for fencing 25 acres of land.
  • Provide 2,000 tree seedlings annually.
  • Provide water to the seedlings until they establish their roots.
  • Hold three main tree planting events  as they raise funds for the project.


The region for this project is Ngong Hills in Kajiado county within Rift Valley. It is reachable by matatu from Nairobi, Kiserian and Corner Baridi.


The beneficiaries of this project are families around the hills who will learn from the project, the pupils who will come to plant Trees and bot local and international tourists visiting the hills. All people who will visit the area will enjoy the improved microclimate of the area hence the genetic resources will be restored. About 10,000 pupils and community members will benefit directly.


The estimated cost of this project will be US$ 27,755. Which will be spent in chain link wires for fencing,posts,binding wires, seedlings,cement, ballast to strengthen the posts, transport, water, labor costs for digging the holes  etc.


Rotary Club of Kiserian members are acquainted with tree planting and have practically implemented the similar project in their home parcels of lands. It is right to claim that the  resource in form of expertise is most available.community mobilization and forums  are some of the things we will do actively do within our abilities.


I spite of the fact that we have not quantified the amount of time we spend at the project it is worth noting that the project is visited by members of the club on voluntary basis each week and they spend most of their time in following the tree survivals and to ensure that they are safe. As other clubs, schools and communities participate into the project more people will unquestionably volunteer to follow up the seedlings.