At the 1917 convention, outgoing Rotary president Arch Klumph proposed setting up an endowment “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” That one idea, and an initial contribution of $26.50, set in motion a powerful force that has transformed millions of lives around the globe. Yes, this month we put emphasis on the Rotary Foundation as our top story telling its history and where we are now in the world of giving.
As we celebrate November as the Foundation month, the DG Times focuses on the projects that were impacted by this leading organization while telling our Rotary club stories that are a direct result of the support by the foundation. Multiple district events are taking place in raising funds to the foundation including the Imagine Rotary Art Exhibition and Foundation Dinner this month as well as our wide coverage of World Polio Day which are some of our top news stories. Blogs, PDG’s Corner, and our monthly DG and RI President’s messages are as always here for you to enjoy and get your best out of the DG Times experience. On behalf of the District Governor and the Editorial Team we warmly invite you to enjoy this month's edition and urge all to give back to the foundation as we continue to proudly serve as Rotarians. 
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