Happy International Women's Month. The District Governor Times brings you the phenomenal journey of women in Rotary in its 9th edition celebrating our diverse set of leaders that are making an impact in their communities. The 2022/23 RI year is perhaps the most exemplary of all, as it hosts the First Women Rotary International President Jennifer Jones while our own District 9212 is led by the First Woman Governor, Azeb Asrat with more engagement of women in Rotary affairs now more than ever.
With Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) being one of the key priorities of our RI President and District Governor this year, The DG Times showcases the continuous impact women in Rotary are making across our district, featuring some of our incredible women leaders in this month's edition. These exciting stories also come along with our various news and events happening across the District along with our Rotary in Action Stories, special features on the 98th  District Conference, blogs, and more for you to enjoy reading. As always feel free to reach out to our editorial teams for any comments and share our newsletter to more readers as we promote Rotary and showcase the impact we are making to the world. Let's March Together! 
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