What a year it has been. Our fellow readers, it is with a heavy heart that the District Governor Times editorial team shares its final message to you. The incredible year of service and community engagement under our District Governor, Azeb Asrat gave the editorial team the opportunity to tell the many untold stories of clubs, individuals and our monthly messages from our Governor and RI President Jennfier Jones under our theme Imagine Rotary as we March Together!
The District Governor Times told over 144 Rotary club stories, 60 news and important events, featuring 11 of some of our distinguished Rotarians and Past District Governors, celebrating our heroines, new generations, blogs and promoting our Rotary values to not only our members but our partners and stakeholders by becoming the District’s biggest public relations platform reaching more than 5000 readers monthly with 12 editions. On behalf of the entire editorial team of incredible young professionals each delivering quality work in their respective fields, we want to thank our readers for following our journey of telling the Rotary story. A special thank you to our team of content writers, designers, photographers, article contributors, our database managers and digital content distributors including our social media teams and brand gatekeepers. Thank you for enabling all of us to be visible, compelling and open to our communities. You may enjoy all of our editions now available at https://www.rotary9212.org/page/dg-s-newsletter 
The Editorial Team,
District Governor Times